Our range of products for high, Medium and low voltage is applied to the transmission and distribution systems.
In addition to standard products, Electromechanical Lake S. A. It offers tailor-made products for special applications under the client's requirements.

LBU-EF use outside series

17,5 / 24 / 36kV - 400 A

The bases-fusible type LBU-EF for use with ACR fuses (current limiting fuses) they are suitable for the protection of transformers, engines, banks of capacitors and lines in weather with rated voltage distribution systems up to 36 KV.
The LBU-EF bases-fusible mounting configuration is vertical type with 180 ° opening. The upper contact is supplied with a device latch that grants a safe lock in position closed. The bottom contact supports a type system hinge which provides self-aligning basis during the operation of opening and closing. The operation of installation or removal of the fuse is using a pole isolated (When is the circuit no load). LBF bases are manufactured according to the following international standards: IEC 60282 – 1 and DIN 43625.

The bases-fusibles type LBU-EF can be supplied with different insulators type support such as porcelain, resin cycloaliphatic or polymer compound in silicone rubber.

Accessories for pole bases-fusibles are supplied in addition, include two bars are steel, set of clamps and plates for secure mounting.

The fuses are provided with an anillo-tirador-eye of lifting to facilitate handling with pole isolated during installation and replacement of fuses. The opening and/or closing operations are always without load.
• Opening: The operator inserts the pole in the anillo-tirador and makes turn the fuse 180 ° until reach the position open in form complete.
• Extraction: The operator inserts the pole to hoisting eye, move it upwards and out of the hinge to the fuse down the floor.



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